Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 29- Prepare for SAGE Testing

We have learned a lot this year!!! Whoo-hoo!!  :) 

In 4 weeks, we are doing the MATH end-of-year SAGE TEST on April 24-25.
Prepare proactively now with the end in mind.
Click on all links below to review!!!
Be sure you can explain and show a partner the steps of how to solve ...

How to  +   -   x    ÷  and plot on a line graph
1. Positive and Negative numbers (called Integers)
2. with Absolute Value
3. Fractions with fractions  +  -   x    ÷  
4.            how to find LCM and GCF
5.            how to write a prime factorization using factor trees and exponents
6.         Convert fractions   into decimals
7. Decimals with decimals
8. use and write Exponents
9. use the Order of Operations
10. use Distributive Property

11. How to use and write rates & ratios 
       Example: 3 scoops ice cream to 1 bowl = 3:1 ratio
       Example: If I buy 2 lbs bananas for $2.48, find the ratio of cost to pound.

12. How to plot ratios & coordinates ( x, y) on a four-quadrant graph 

13. How to find percentages % of numbers

How to use data and graphs to solve for
14. Mean
15. Median
16. Mode
17. Range

18. How to solve for x in equations and expressions
19.                                 using Distributive Property

20. How to fill out a function table 
21.                           and how to graph a function ( x, y) on a four-quadrant graph 

22. How to solve (or simplify) inequalities and write inequalities

23. How to find Perimeter of all shapes

24.  How to find Area of  square & rectangle, triangles, parallelogram, trapezoid, and polygons by breaking down each shape into familiar puzzle pieces (into familiar shapes)

25. How to find Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms

Monday, January 30, 2017

What I'm learning THIS week T3 Week 4

Term 3: Week 4   1/30-1/31
Mon. 1/30: Track Math grades in Binder. Do Corrections on Quiz 3 in class
Tue.  1/31: Solving Equations
Wed. 2/01: Solving Inequalities
Thu. 2/02: Graphing Inequalities
    Review and Make up Day. Bell Work 22 due today for grading 
Fri.  2/03: Quiz 4 Term 3 HALF DAY, AGUILAS of EXCELLENCE
**All work, make-up work, and corrections for week 4 due today
**Last day to make up:  Bell Work 22

Monday, January 23, 2017

What I'm learning THIS WEEK T3: Week 3

Term 3: Week 3   1/23-1/27
Mon. 1/23: Track Math grades in Binder. Corrections on Quiz 2
Tue.  1/24: Adding and Subtracting like terms with variables
Wed. 1/25: Combining like terms with variables
Thu. 1/26: Review and Make up Day. Bell Work 21 due today for grading 
Fri.  1/20: Quiz 3 Term 3 on
      All work, make-up work, and corrections for week 3 due today, Fri. 1/27
      Last day to make up:  Bell Work 21

Friday, January 20, 2017

What I'm learning THIS WEEK T3: Week 2

Term 3: Week 2   1/17/-1/20

Mon. 1/16: NO SCHOOL
Tue.  1/17: One variable equations
Wed. 1/18: One variable equations
Thu. 1/19: Review and Make up Day. Bell Work 20 due for grading 
Fri.  1/20: Quiz 2 Term 3 on Solving one variable equations with integers. 
Last day to make up:  Bell Work 19 and Bell Work 20
All work, make-up work, and corrections for week 2 due today, Fri. 1/20

Friday, January 6, 2017

What I'm learning Term 3: Week 1

Term 3: Week 1   1/09-1/12
Mon. 1/09: Order of Operations: corrections Test 1, 01/06/17 in class.
Tue.  1/10: One variable equations
Wed. 1/11: One variable equations
Thu. 1/12: Bellwork due for grading every Thursday. 
 Class Auction/Store. Bring your tickets. 
Fri.  1/13: today
No Test today.
Last day to make up Test 1 from 01/06
All work, make-up work, and corrections for week 1 due today, Fri. 1/12

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What I'm learning week 18 (continued)

WEEK 18 (CONTINUED)   1/04-1/06
Mon. 1/02: No school.
Tue.  1/03: No school.
Wed. 1/04: Review Order of Operations
Thu. 1/05: Review Operations with Fractions
NO Bellwork this week.
Fri.  1/06: Test 19 on Order of Operations
All work, make-up work, and corrections for week 18 DUE FRIDAY 1/06

Monday, December 19, 2016

What we are learning Week 18

WEEK 18   12/19-12/20
Mon. 12/19: Math Vocabulary Review
Tue.  12/20: Math Activity: Prodigygame. com

Have a happy WINTER BREAK! 
See you next year.
Love, Ms. Kempe